List of Intel Single Board Computers(SBC)

Today in 2018 is normal to have a powerful computer in your pocket which is actually your smartphone but this was not possible 10-15+ years ago. Back in the days, computers use to be most of them big desktop PCs with ugly cases however today you get maybe 5-10 times more power/speed and space on your smartphone that is so small you can’t even believe it looking to the technology from early 2000. In this post we gonna look at the most powerful Single Board Computers also known as SBC which are small as a size of a credit card.

Up Board

No doubt this SBC is the best you can get, it’s the smallest and it came with a heatsink which is actually cooling the CPU very well.

Up Board Specifications

  • CPU Intel Atom x5-z8350 Processor(1.44 GHz up to 1.92 GHz), 64-bit architecture, Quad Core.
  • RAM 1GB/2GB/4GB DDR3L.
  • Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB.

As I mentioned this board came with a heatsink without any fan which make this mini PC completely fanless, it is available a version of this SBC with a fan. Price for this board starts at 89$ and can go up to 149$.

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It’s slighty more expensive than the Up Board and there are a lot of people complain about CPU throttling because I does not came with a heatsink unless you buy some heatsinks and a case special designed to fit a fan to cool this board otherwise the CPU will start throttling on intensive tasks.

LattePanda Specifications

  • CPU Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 Processor(1.44GHz up to 1.92GHz), 64-bit architecture, Quad Core.
  • RAM 2GB/4GB.
  • Storage 32GB/64GB.

The price for this board starts at 110$ and can go up to 181$ + in case you plan to buy a case with a fan to keep this sbc running cool you need to pay another 20-30$.

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UDOO x86

This board is the most expensive but you get what you pay and it came with a heatsink which seems to do the job because there are not complains about it.

UDOO x86 Specifications

  • CPU Pentium N3710(Up to 2.56GHz) / Atom X5-E8000(Up to 2.0GHz) / Celeron N3160(Up to 2.24GHz), 64-bit architectures, Quad Cores.
  • RAM 2GB/4GB/8GB.
  • Storage eMMC, SSD.

The price for this board starts at 135$ and can go up to 311$ + keep in mind that this board came without internal storage so you need to pay extra 30-40$ for an eMMC or more for an SSD.

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