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You may imagine how can be possible to have a powerful PC without cooling, well these days this can be done with a special case designed to cool the internal components such as CPU, GPU and so on without any cooler or any other moving part for example a water cooling system. The best part of the fanless cases is you don’t need to clean nothing, maybe just once every year to change the thermal paste but nothing more than that.

Calyos NSG S0 case

About 1 year ago Calyos posted on kickstarter a project about a case that is capable of coolling an i7 CPU with GTX 1080 desktop card, not the mobile one and yes this case can keep the temperatures below unsafe level with any problem. Tests are saying that even under full load the temperatures never reach more than 50 degrees for the CPU and 65 degrees for GPU.

Price is about 1230$, yes is higher but you get what you pay.

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Streacom DB4 case

This fanless case is the best looking out there, no questions but this nice design came with some cons, it cannot cool like his big brother the Calyos case a GTX 1080 desktop version GPU, it may cool a GTX 1050 Ti mini version which is actually a mobile version found in laptops. The pros are quite a few, the design of course which is stunning, it fits everywhere with the environment and the small size.

Price is 320$.

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HDPLEX H5 case

Best deal you can get for 290$, is not the best design in the world but it looks decent, and it may cool up to GTX 950 desktop version which is pretty cool. There is not doubt that this case is the best fanless case, cheaper and it get the job done in case you don’t play to build a PC that has the top of the line components.

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There are many other companies that made fanless cases but these 3 which are mentioned in the post are the best ones, no doubt. For more information about fanless tecnology world check this site.

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