Addicted to online gaming

We humans like any other species on earth can became addicted to anything from sugar or drugs to strange behaviours like gaming, social media or internet itself. We don’t need any substance like nicotine from cigarettes or alcohol from beer in order to get addicted, behaviours like gaming, looking in your smartphone everyday for 8 hours or checking your social media account every minute are considered addictions as well.

Why people get addicted to online gaming?

Unfortunately most of people that get addicted to video games are specially kids or young generations however there are cases for adults as well being addicted to video games while they have jobs and a familly. The main reasons why people become addicted to games specially the online ones is because they don’t have any friends in real life, most of them they need to socialize somehow with others so is very easy to get trapped, others feel to prove something or being in control like playing a hero with unlimited powers and killing everybody seeking for attention in the same time from others or simply because they can’t face the problems in real life like no jobs, no money, divorce, health problems and so on.

What are the most addicted online games?

  • World of Warcraft also known as WoW.
  • Grand Theft Auto seriers also known as GTA.
  • Diablo series also known as D2 LoD / D3 RoS.
  • Defense of the Ancients 2 also known as DotA 2.
  • StarCraft series also known as Brood War / Hots.
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive also known as CS GO.
  • Play Battlegrounds also known as PUBG.

How do I know if I’m adicted to video games?

There are for sure a few signs that indicate a video games addiction for sure like:

  • Spending most of your time in front of your PC playing games.
  • Refusing to go outside and socializing with others.
  • Not taking calls or replying to messages from your friends.
  • Eating while playing the games.
  • No interest in school activities.
  • Feeling depressed after losing a match or dying with your character.
  • Thinking too much and dreaming about your favorite game characters.
  • Feeling guilty after spending entire day playing video games.


What can I do to quit gaming addiction?

The best advice is to quit cold turkey, but some people may find difficult to do that and by limiting the number of hours per day can be also a good start. Playing video games is not a bad thing if you do it in your free time or as a hobby but playing video games all day without a job in when you are almost 30 is for sure a real problem and you don’t want to be almost 40 and looking back thinking to just spent your whole life playing video games and staying in front of a screen. Another good advice is simply find another hobby, something that keeps you away from the computer, going to a gym and talking with others can be a good one also is recommended another hobby in real life and not in front of a computer.

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